The Queen’s Assassin

Title: The Queen's Assassin
Published by: Loose Id
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Contributors: Jaymi Hanako
Pages: 87

It was supposed to be an easy job: Get in, assassinate the queen, and get out. Instead, his fellow mercenary is dead and Madoc is chained in the dungeon, fighting his unwelcome attraction to the woman who defeated him--the queen’s bodyguard, Raine. When she interrogates him about the traitor who hired him, he propositions...

Rebel Run

Title: Rebel Run
Series: Star Racers and Rogues #1
Published by: Jaymi Hanako
Release Date: October 28, 2016
Contributors: Jaymi Hanako
Pages: 152

When duty and passion collide, they could lose everything

Malkyn of Keitera has built a new life in Earth’s system. She’s a daredevil pilot in the asteroid belt, far from the bloody battle for her family’s throne that drove her across the galaxy. But now her homeworld is under siege by a...