Guardian of the Mist Dragon

The Great Dragon of the Mists has been murdered. To keep her only egg from falling into the wrong hands, the Emperor has tasked his most trusted general, Guan Tao, to take it to safety. But he’s no longer the warrior he used to be, and to keep him from taking on a suicide mission, his eldest daughter sets off in his place: in secret and disguised as a man.

Assassins follow Lin into foreign land, and a strange dragon swoops in to save her life. Breathing fire and shifting into a gorgeous man. Dirkan sees through her disguise. He looks at her in a way that no man has. It isn’t long before his touch makes her want to surrender, though he makes it clear that has no future to offer. He has obligations to his family that don’t include being with a human. When the time comes to return to her land, will Lin be leaving her heart behind?

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