Another Quick Update

I apologize for dropping off the face of the internet again for the last month and a half. My wrist was flaring really badly and I had to further limit the time I spent on the computer.

The nerve conduction test found that I have cubital tunnel syndrome, rather than carpal tunnel syndrome. Similar sort of problem, but the compression point on the nerve is in the elbow and the symptoms appear on the opposite side of the wrist from carpal tunnel. That doesn’t explain all of the pain I’m having but its nice to have at least a partial diagnosis. My hand doctor recommended surgery which will come with a 4-6 week recovery  period, during which I expect to have even less use of my hand than I do now. He also recommended doing a scope of my wrist at the same time in order to investigate the stability of the torn cartilage and to see if there is anything he can do to repair it.

Here are the projects I’m actively trying to complete before I go under the knife:

  1. Sci-Fi. Working title: Rebel Run. This is now the first of at least two stories I plan to write about a group of daredevil pilots who race through the asteroid belt. Rebel Run centers around an alien princess turned racer whose past is about to come back to haunt her. At approximately 29,000 words, this is nearly a complete first draft.
  2. Sci-Fi. Working title: Phoenix Rising. This is a sequel to Rebel Run. Its about an Earth-born pilot who is brought back to life after an accident on the racing circuit, in a science experiment that may or may not be legal. Currently a little over 8000 words.
  3. Fantasy. Working Title: Dragon Sacrifice. What happens when the dragon decides to abduct the knight instead of the princess? This story is in what I hope will be the final round of revisions. 30,000 words.
  4. Fantasy. Working Title: Dragon Quest. The princess from Dragon Sacrifice seeks revenge on the dragon who humiliated her by taking the knight instead. Still only a first draft of about 8000 words.

I don’t expect to finish everything before my surgery, but I figured there was no harm in setting my goals high. Especially since I don’t have a date set for the operation yet. I’m still awaiting the final approvals from my insurance company. Wish me luck?