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Release Day! Rebel Run is Now Available


Rebel Run, Star Racers and Rogues Book 1 is now live and available on multiple bookseller sites.


When duty and passion collide, they could lose everything

Malkyn of Keitera has built a new life in Earth’s system. She’s a daredevil pilot in the asteroid belt, far from the bloody battle for her family’s throne that drove her across the galaxy. But now her homeworld is under siege by a mysterious alien force — and the tall, muscular soldier with whom she...

Cover Reveal: Rebel Run


So here it is! The cover for my latest sci-fi romance, Rebel Run. It is book 1 in the Star Racers and Rogues series.


A bloody fight over her family’s throne drove Malkyn across the galaxy. She’s managed to make a new life for herself in the Earth system, joining a group of daredevil star-pilots who race through the asteroid belt to entertain others.

But now her past is about to collide with her future. An unknown alien force has her home under siege and...

In Case You Missed Me…

I need to apologize for dropping off the writing cliff for the last several months. Since April, I’ve been dealing with a wrist injury that no one seems to be able to diagnose or figure out how to treat. Because the injury is to my dominant hand, I’m having a hard time doing much of anything. I’ve also been unable to work my day job.


Though I’ve experimented a bit with dictation apps for writing, I have to admit that the stresses connected to my situation have...

Cover art for “The Queen’s Assassin”


I have new cover art! This if for my next release with Loose Id, a fantasy romance novella called, “The Queen’s Assassin,” about a beleaguered young Queen who finds love with the man hired to kill her.  It is scheduled to release on February 24th. I love the job that the artist, Syneca Featherstone did–especially with both the hero and heroine carrying swords.