Still a Work in Progress

I didn’t want to post a report last week because to be honest, my lack of actual progress at the time was kind of embarrassing. I still haven’t done nearly as much as I would have liked, but for the sake of being accountable, I’m going to update here:

  1.  Unnamed Shifter Story, based on a Japanese Folktale. Original goal was to expand the story from 15k to 20k. Managed to add almost a 1000 words to this.
  2. Sci-Fi. Sequel to Bonded. Dev gets his own story and a woman more than capable of taking the playboy first mate down a couple of well-deserved notches. Still stalled at just under 5000 words in the first draft.
  3. Sci-Fi. Book One of a potential trilogy with the working title of “Phoenix.” Just under 12,000 words into the first draft. No progress to report.
  4. Sci-Fi. Book Two of the same trilogy mentioned above. Working title: “Rebel.” Wrote most of this story before realizing it should be the second book, not the first. Over 13,000 word into first draft and hopefully not too many of those will have to be tossed out when I revise it so the overall story line follows the new one being set out in “Phoenix.” Also no progress here.
  5. Fantasy novella. Current working title is “Dragon Sacrifice.” It is book one in a trilogy. Has a complete first draft of over 23,000 words but needed heavy revisions. Did a lot of cutting of words as well as adding a little better lead up to the climax, but have not yet written the new ending it needs.
  6. Fantasy. Book Two of trilogy with the current working title of “Dragon Quest.” Only 1300 words written on the first draft. No progress to report.

I ultimately decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. I’m focusing in on doing the revisions on the two stories that have completed first drafts, instead of writing new words.