The Plot Bunnies are Coming!


Wild rabbit I saw at the local mall. So bold he had to be a plot bunny.

The good news? I can finally check one of my works-in-progress off my list. The maybe not-so-great news? I was then promptly attacked by plot bunnies for four new story ideas. My muse is apparently a very perverse mistress who can’t stand the thought of my being able to get caught up on everything I want to do. Though I am proud of the fact that I did manage to avoid starting any of those new stories. At least for now.

I also found an old werewolf story I wrote more than a year ago, buried in the depths of my hard drive. The first draft was completed, but I’m not yet sure if I want to make the effort to revise this one.

Here’s the breakdown of my progress for this week:

  1.  Unnamed Shifter Story, based on a Japanese Folktale. Original goal was to expand the story from 15,ooo to at least 20,000 words. Currently stalled at 16,000 while I research whether a new plot point is historically accurate or not.
  2. Sci-Fi. Sequel to Bonded. Dev gets his own story and a woman more than capable of taking the playboy first mate down a couple of well-deserved notches. Still at 5000 words and I think I may have written myself into a corner with this one.
  3. Sci-Fi. Book One of a potential trilogy with the working title of “Phoenix.” Just under 12,000 words into the first draft. No progress to report.
  4. Sci-Fi. Book Two of the same trilogy mentioned above. Working title: “Rebel.” Wrote most of this story before realizing it should be the second book, not the first. Over 13,000 word into first draft and hopefully not too many of those will have to be tossed out when I revise it so the overall story line follows the new one being set out in “Phoenix.” Also no progress here.
  5. Fantasy novella. Current working title is “Dragon Sacrifice.” It is book one in a trilogy. Managed to finish the revisions for this current draft and barring any major problems cropping up during the next read-through, I do believe this is now completely done at a little under 23,000 words.
  6. Fantasy. Book Two of trilogy with the current working title of “Dragon Quest.” Only 1300 words written on the first draft. Cut some of the scene to better fit with the revisions made to the world-building in “Dragon Sacrifice,” then wrote a little more than 500 new words. Current count is now 1800.

All in all, I think this was a pretty good week. Hopefully I can keep up this pace, or even improve upon it.