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Smashwords “Authors Give Back” Sale

The e-book retailer Smashwords has organized a special sale, called “Authors Give Back.” According to their website: “This sale is the direct result of several Smashwords authors requesting that Smashwords run a special sale.  These authors wanted to show their support to readers who now face unprecedented social isolation, anxiety and economic hardship as a result of the world response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

I’ve signed up to participate in this, so if...

Re-Release: The Queen’s Assassin

Several years ago, I published this fantasy romance with Loose Id. Sadly, the publishing company shut down, but I have the rights back on this story and have been eager to get it ready to share with everyone once more. I did some light revisions, especially to the ending, and of course, I had to get a new cover.

I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but I have a special place in my heart for the hero of this story, Madoc. I hope you all enjoy meeting him as...

Pre-Order Available: The Crane Wife

My newest fantasy romance is now available for pre-order and will release on October 8, 2019! “The Crane Wife” is the story of Kenta, who saves the life of a crane he finds trapped in a snare on a frozen pond. Shortly after this, a mysterious woman appears at his home. Beautiful Yukiko insists on becoming his wife, and though he knows he can’t afford to marry, he also cannot resist the temptation to claim her as his own. It isn’t long before he finds ...

Latest Release and a Couple of Notes about Older Titles

It looks like I haven’t updated my blog for a while. My most recent release is Phoenix Rising: Star Racer and Rogues, Book 2. You can see the amazing cover from Bookable Covers below:


He broke her heart. Now his life is in her hands…

For Dr. Elisa Nakano, the prospect of joining Project Phoenix is a double-edged sword. The secret experiment crosses the line between life and death by resurrecting someone from a fatal accident. In this case, the patient is...

Updated Blurb and Cover Art for “Rebel Run”

I wasn’t entirely happy with the cover I had created earlier, especially after how I saw how it looked on a print version. So I commissioned a new cover for Rebel Run from Bookable Covers. I’ve already updated the e-book version and now the paperback is available too! Check it out on Createspace.

There is also a revised blurb:

When duty and passion collide, they could lose everything

Malkyn of Keitera has built a new life in Earth’s system. She’s a daredevil...

Release Day! Rebel Run is Now Available


Rebel Run, Star Racers and Rogues Book 1 is now live and available on multiple bookseller sites.


When duty and passion collide, they could lose everything

Malkyn of Keitera has built a new life in Earth’s system. She’s a daredevil pilot in the asteroid belt, far from the bloody battle for her family’s throne that drove her across the galaxy. But now her homeworld is under siege by a mysterious alien force — and the tall, muscular soldier with whom she...

Cover Reveal: Rebel Run


So here it is! The cover for my latest sci-fi romance, Rebel Run. It is book 1 in the Star Racers and Rogues series.


A bloody fight over her family’s throne drove Malkyn across the galaxy. She’s managed to make a new life for herself in the Earth system, joining a group of daredevil star-pilots who race through the asteroid belt to entertain others.

But now her past is about to collide with her future. An unknown alien force has her home under siege and...

Just a Couple of Quick Announcements

First, I’ve taken “Time After Time” down from Amazon. I’ve decided that I’m going to focus strictly on romance from here on out, so there’s no point in having that as my lone erotica title available under this pen name. I still love the characters and story however, and may revisit them at a later time, with a more proper romance plot-line.

Second, I will be doing a cover reveal for my science fiction romance, “Rebel Run” in a couple of days. It will be...

Release Day: Time After Time


Rocker Oliver Sterling was promised forever. That he would never grow old and his fans would always adore him. But his immortality has come with an unexpected price. Now he’s forced to live in an endless loop, repeating a single day again and again for the amusement of some far-future crowd.

Then the mysterious Kaylin appears. Her undeniable beauty stirs his body back to life, yet it’s clear she doesn’t fit in his time. She just might be his key to finding a...

Another Quick Update

I apologize for dropping off the face of the internet again for the last month and a half. My wrist was flaring really badly and I had to further limit the time I spent on the computer.

The nerve conduction test found that I have cubital tunnel syndrome, rather than carpal tunnel syndrome. Similar sort of problem, but the compression point on the nerve is in the elbow and the symptoms appear on the opposite side of the wrist from carpal tunnel. That doesn’t...